Criminal Records Division
Credit Bureau
Criminal Records Division
Credit Bureau
JMS has always believed that interfacing between the various criminal
justice agencies is extremely important.  Interfacing reduces redundant
data entry, reduces data entry error, allows for faster distribution of
information, and greater efficiency.
The most evolved interface JMS has developed is with the Michigan State
Police LEIN system.  The JMS LEIN interface utilizes the new TCP/IP
connectivity.  Any authorized terminal attached to the court's computer
system can act as a LEIN terminal.  From within the JMS case entry
program a clerk can make inquiries into both the LEIN and SOS databases
without re-keying data.  Clerks can also be authorized to send and recall
warrants directly from JMS case entry.  No duplication of
data entry is required.  All information is pulled from the case and
automatically entered into the LEIN scan lines.  Once the clerk verifies the
information the data is transmitted immediately.  JMS has also developed
an electronic warrant verification process.
The interface with the Criminal Records Division of the Michigan State
Police allows the court to electronically send judgment and disposition
information.  Again, there is no re-keying of data by court personnel and
the court has a complete audit trail of convictions.
JMS has interfaced with CBC Companies, a credit reporting company.  
Monetary judgments for criminal and civil cases are transmitted
electronically to CBC.
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Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse
JMS has developed an interface with the Michigan Supreme Court data
warehouse system.  Case information is automatically sent electronically to
the State's system.