Case Processing
Probation Conditions
Probation Log
Case Processing
Probation Conditions
Often a condition of probation will involve the order to attend a treatment
or education program.  These types of conditions can be identified within
the JMS system.  This allows the probation officer to monitor the
completion of each program during the probation term.
All notices generated by the system are user defined in Microsoft Word
and utilize data merging.  Some notices are generated automatically based
on certain event or action codes used when processing a case.  Examples
of these types of notices for probation are failed to report or pay, show
cause, and probation orders.  All notices can be selected as needed by a
probation officer.
Probation Log
The probation log is a chronological listing of all events, actions, or other
information the probation officer wishes to retain on a defendant.  The
majority of entries are made automatically by the system as the cases are
updated.  Manual entries can also be made as needed.
Various management reports are available in the probation module.  Two
of the most useful reports are the termination report and the failed to
report/respond report.  The termination report alerts the probation officer
of defendants who are reaching termination and still owe money or have
not completed treatment programs.

The failed to report/respond report identifies those defendants who have
been sent a notice for failure to report and still have not contacted the
probation department.  Both of these reports are valuable tools for
assisting the probation officer in tracking probationers.
Probation Module
Each probation officer has their own calendar.  Entries to the calendar are
made automatically when event codes are used that reflect an update to
the calendar.  Manual entries can also me made as necessary.  The
calendar is viewed by month with scheduled days highlighted.  Detail
information about the cases scheduled is available.
Because the JMS system uses a unique SID# for each defendant,
probation cases are processed by defendant rather than by case.  If a
defendant is on probation for more than one case, information
pertaining to every case for that defendant is available to the probation
officer.  As with criminal and traffic cases, events and actions are also used
to track probation cases.  This is particularly useful in monitoring reporting
and payments.
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