Our General Jurisdiction modules are designed for use by circuit and
superior courts.

Combined, these modules create a multifaceted system that provides all of
the necessary functions required for criminal and civil case processing.  
Post judgment case management is provided through the probation
module.  Interfaces with other criminal justice agencies have been
developed to eliminate the redundant entry of data and to distribute case
information in a timely manner.

The cash management module encompasses all general jurisdiction
modules and provides computerized monitoring of receivables.  Bond and
garnishment modules are available for easy maintenance of trust accounts.

Our e-Court internet solution provides twenty-four hour access to court
information.  Electronic credit card payments are accepted and
probationers are allowed to file reports electronically.  Case records are
automatically updated with the payment and probation information.

The JMS system is user friendly.  Notices and reports can be customized
by each court in those areas not restricted by court rule or policy of the
State Court Administrator's Office.   This gives chief judges the tools to
better manage their individual courts based on local requirements.
General Jurisdiction
Cash Management
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