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June 28, 2006

Re: Counsel Appointments

JMS will be modifying the F20 Bail/Counsel screen to allow the courts to
gather the information needed for the new Counsel Appointment System
(see SCAO memo dated June 28, 2006).

Function keys will be added for use in the defense attorney field.  When
the function keys are used, a window will be displayed with the additional
fields Judge Code, Court Appointed Y/N, Date Appointed, Amount Paid,
and Date Paid.  The window will be similar to the ‘Previous Address History”
window.  With this new feature the court will be able to track multiple
defense attorneys that may be assigned throughout the life of the case.

At year-end the court will be able to create a file that can be sent
electronically to SCAO.  This new feature will be available for the 2007
report year.  For the 2006 report year, JMS will create a query to assist the
courts in identifying court appointed attorneys.  The courts will have to
manually enter their data via the SCAO website.  This will be the procedure
for 2006 reporting ONLY.

August 2, 2006
Re: MIP Deferral Program

To enter the correct SOS offense code on MIP deferrals, press F11=View2
on the first judgment screen.  The offense section will shift to the left and
the ‘Assoc. Charge’ field will be displayed.  On the MIP charge, change the
associated charge code from 1360 to 1360R and proceed with updating
the case per the DOS memo dated August 2, 2006.

August 13, 2006

Re: Confirming Accuracy for Caseload Part 4 Reporting

Because all JMS courts will be using the same programs to calculate Part 4
of the caseload report and have identical reports to monitor cases, we
have received permission from SCAO to submit, on behalf of our courts,
the information requested in the SCAO memo dated August 13, 2006.

JMS will email each court a copy of the information that is sent to SCAO.