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WEEK OF October 1, 2006

TIP: Receipt Viewing

Receipts can be viewed through both case entry/update and cashiering.  
To see if any receipts have been generated press F14 for the fee
summary window.  This window will display total amounts assessed on the
case, total paid to date, and any balance that is due.  From this window
you may press F19 for receipt viewing.  This window displays all receipts
that have been generated for the case.

The receipt viewing window lists the receipt date, receipt number, amount
paid, payment method, and check number if applicable.  If you need to see
the breakdown of where the money was applied, press F6 for the receipt
detail.  This window displays where the money was applied by fee code.

The receipt viewing window can be a time saver if your court assigns the
same SID# to a defendant.  From the F19 receipt viewing window you can
see all receipts generated for a defendant by entering the SID#.   If your
court uses the payment plan option you can also see all receipts
generated for cases within a particular payment plan.