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The JMS e-Court solution was developed to provide twenty-four hour access to the court system for case and calendar information, credit card payments, and probation reporting.  Following is a brief description of pages found on the e-Court website.

Provides a general index of cases filed within a court that are pending, have an open warrant, are on probation, or are closed.  Summary judgment information is available for criminal cases.  Individual courts determine which case types they wish to be displayed.

Provides public access to the court’s daily calendar.  The public can view cases scheduled today and into the future, along with those that were heard within the past seven days.  Individual courts determine which case types they wish to be displayed.  

Provides e-commerce for court transactions on criminal and probation cases.  Electronic payments with receipting and electronic submission of probation reports are available on this page.  Payment and probation reporting information also automatically updates the
court’s database and requires no clerical intervention